Maria Hassabi

Entre Deux Actes [Ménage à Quatre] by Nairy Baghramian and Maria Hassabi, The Kitchen | Performa 19, New York (US)

FIGURES [2019]

July 20, 21 / FIGURES
MUDAM Luxembourg Museum, Luxembourg City (Luxembourg)

June 29, 30 / FIGURES
Künstlerhaus Bregenz, Bregenz (Austria)

June 14, 15 / FIGURESGIACIMENTA in the frame of MATERA 2019, Matera [Italy]

OUT SCORE at Aixoni Sculpted Theater, Athens [Greece]

Intermission [2014]

Framed Movements, ACCA (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art), Melbourne Festival, 10 Oct–23 Nov 2014

Framed Movements

Photo by Thomas Poravas (Figures Matera, 2019)

foto: Salvatore Laurenzana (Matera 2019)

Images by Giulia McGauren (Intermission)