Mattering (in progress)

Alice Heyward & Megan Payne

PS Artspace / 11 Jan 2019 / 2pm & 6.30pm


With Jacqui Shelton's work 'Crush' in the frame of 'OCTOPUS 19 - VENTRILOQUY' with Liquid Architecture at Gertrude Contemporary, curated by Joel Stern. Performed by Megan Payne and Hillary Goldsmith.

31st May and 20th July 2019



At Judson Church November 25th 2019

Mattering [the poem]

Hillary Goldsmith and Megan Pain in Crush (2019) by Jacqui Shelton (choreographed by Alice Heyward and Megan Payne). Video stills by Robert Frantzeskos.

Images by Sarah Landro