Twelve Cautionary Tales for Christmas, (12 Ideal Cities), by Superstudio, 1971

'Utopian Cities' by Deborah Birch written for 'Future City Inflatable' a dance by Alice Heyward and Ellen Davies

'Metabolism' group dances

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P0$$€ - dance and reading group is a gathering for people wanting to spend time dancing and reading together. Each POSSE is hosted by a practitioner from the field of dance or related to dance.

The content of the POSSE is responsive to the participants proposals or ideas. POSSE is whoever is there.

POSSE is an extra scholarly activity taking place at DOCH on Tuesdays. Open to students and also to other participants from outside DOCH.

Duration will be 2h00 hours depending on each ocasion.
Come whenever you want !

POSSE feat. Alice Heyward